Monday, July 24, 2023


The Door Between Is Always Open

by Deborah-Zenha Adams

The black cat meows, demanding entrance,
even though she’s buried in a grave right
behind the garden, where rests, as well, six
other cats, three dogs, and a pair of red
stilettos. She who wears them has firm thighs,
taut skin, and sassy cheeks, wears rosy shades,
gives cash to strangers, picks up hitchhikers.
She doesn’t know me and won’t abide me.
She disappears the instant our eyes meet
in the mirror, but howls and scratches
at my threshold like she’s got feline lives
to spend, like her time hasn’t passed. She knows
my power’s weak and won’t try hers. No lock
can thwart a ghost that doesn’t want to die.

* * * * *

"The Door Between Is Always Open" was first published in The Road Not Taken.

Deborah-Zenha Adams is an award-winning author of novels, short fiction, CNF, and poetry, and served as executive editor of Oconee Spirit Press for ten years. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in One/Jacar Press, Blue Unicorn, The Road Not Taken, Orchards Poetry Journal, Elevation Review, Sheila-na-gig, and Roanoke Review, among other places. You’re invited to visit her website for information about the author, her work, and some free reads.

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